Do you ever worry? 

We all worry from time to time.  Worry is a feeling of uneasiness, apprehension, or dread usually related to negative thoughts of something that may happen in the future.  Worry can consume people like a man-eating shark embedding its sharp teeth into soft flesh. It can rip and tear away hunks of faith and inner peace from the body of life. When such fear strikes, atheists suddenly seek the comfort of the Creator and saints began to confess their sins!

Worry and fear are no respecter of persons. Have you ever wrestled with them? They creep into our lives without regard to our position, power, or authority. There are all kinds of worries and fears we can focus on. Maybe you are a worrier or know someone who is. The new booklet from Men’s Ministry Catalyst is for worriers. It will help a worrier to better understand how to lean into God when the temptation to worry comes on the scene.

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