Why Work With MMC?

Our Experience

We are one of the oldest and most experienced men’s ministries in the world (31 years).

Our resources, messages, and tools are tested and proven effective. They are being embraced and endorsed by thousands of churches and men’s ministries.

Our previous books, study guides, magazines, newsletters, Power Point Presentations and devotionals have a positive, proven record of connecting to the “common man”.

Presently MMC helps administer the National Coalition of Ministry to Men (NCMM) and its annual conference.

Our Reach

We are an international ministry to men

Several major denominations are seeking our materials and counsel to re-educate their pastors on how to do men’s ministry. We have extensive contacts in this area.

Our social media and Internet strategies are designed to reach the younger generation who use electronic media as a way to communicate.

Our Approach

The foundation of MMC is biblically-based and uses scripture as a primary resource to help men in the transformation process of knowing God and making Him known.

We help churches eliminate 70-80% of the common failure points in developing ministry to men

Most large churches are self-sufficient when it comes to men’s ministry, but 80% of Christian churches in the U.S. (256,000) have 250 or fewer members. They need our assistance and resources, and we have developed a proven process to engage with any size church.

We provide a 40-hour per week hotline to directly assist men’s leaders and pastors.

We don’t just provide philosophical ideas or problem identification, but practical and deployable biblical avenues to fix the confounding issues surrounding ministry to men.

Unlike most men’s ministry programs, we do not just provide inspiring messages, but seek to fully engage with churches by developing comprehensive solutions to the issues men face.

Our Content

We focus on unique discipleship models and presentations that resonate with men.

We have developed biblically oriented materials that address contemporary problems impacting men: stress, depression, suicide, pornography, loneliness, feelings of insignificance, and family issues.

Our comprehensive resources enable leaders to utilize Bible studies, proven strategies, and resources that connect them with men.

The Men’s Ministry Toolbox (Encyclopedia) has been acknowledged by outside ministries as the most comprehensive and valuable tool in helping churches create vibrant and sustaining men’s ministries.

Our Expertise

Our small but efficient staff is gifted in many areas to better serve church leaders with state-of-the-art resources and marketing plans that biblically impact men.

Our go-to-market experience and business experience allows us to maximize strategic relationships.