What Does it Mean to Man Up?

1 Corinthians 16:13 Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.

Dr. Jim Grassi, a best-selling author and international speaker with forty-years of experience as a men’s ministry advocate, just released a new culturally strategic and very provocative book title . Dr. Grassi also hosts a radio program entitle Man Up!.

The expression “Man Up” is often used in military circles or at time when a person is called upon to “show courage”, “brave it up” or “be daring”. When someone “man’s up” it demonstrates maturity and insures respect from society. We are encouraged when someone takes control of the situation, shows resolve, or rises to the moment. We respect a person who displays bravery or courage in the face of adversity, especially in providing for one’s family and being the spiritual leader in the home.

Today, a boisterous call is going out for godly men who are determined and courageous to go into battle against an ungodly culture that has lost its way. This is not a physical battle but a spiritual, moral, and cultural one.

What Does it Mean to Man Up?

Characteristics of a Godly Man versus a Worldly Man

Godly Men

  • Men who are committed to God and family
  • Men who love and seek to serve others
  • Men who are humble servants of God
  • Men who demonstrate integrity and trust
  • Men who stand for principles and are courageous
  • Men who serve one God
  • Men who seek Gods joy in their lives
  • Men who daily seek God’s plan for their lives
  • Men who are strong in their convictions
  • Men who are mentors to younger men

Worldly Men

  • Men who are self-servicing and narcissistic
  • Men who selfish and don’t respect others opinions
  • Men who seek success over significance
  • Men who justify the means to an end
  • Men who follow cultural shifts and popular ideology
  • Men who seek gods and images of materialism
  • Men who regularly need another toy to make them happy
  • Men who have little direction and purpose in life
  • Men who focus their lives on being physically strong
  • Men who careless about future generations

Why are so Many Men Struggling?

Masculinity is in crisis. The souls of men are at stake.

Society has rejected the biblical definitions of manhood. Men from all walks of life are struggling. Today, men long for respect, purpose, and influence in their homes and communities, among their friends, and in the workplace. But many lack role models and a biblical road map for how to achieve their goals.

As a result, men face isolation, loneliness, and depression. They suffer from addictions to porn, alcohol, and substance abuse. Men are struggling with purpose, faithlessness, narcissism, abuse, and disengagement from their families and God. Now is the time for men to rise above the tide of culture and re-establish their servant leadership role within their families.

Jewish philosopher, psychoanalyst, and author Alexander Mitscherlich stated: “Society has torn the soul of the male, and into this tear the demons have fled – The demons of insecurity, selfishness, and despair. Consequently, men do not know who they are as men. Rather, they define themselves by what they do, who they know, or by what they own.”

Why Our Nation Desperately Needs Godly Men?

As never before, we need capable, strong men of God. Where are the men who can say with the Apostle Paul, “Follow me, as I follow Christ”?

  • 41% of children in the US grow up without their biological father in the home.
  • 90% of inmates in prison are men.
  • Pornography is epidemic.
  • One in three young girls and one in five boys are sexually abused before they reach 17, usually by a man.
  • One in six women in America are victims of rape or attempted rape by a man.
  • For decades, we men exploited women in the workplace paying them less than their male equivalents and denying them promotions they deserved.
  • Post-abortive women report that 51% of abortions were “forced” on them by a man. Then, the woman must live with the guilt and shame.

The Younger Generation Needs Godly Examples to Follow

  • Generation Z is the least religious generation. About one-third claim no religion.
    • They are more likely to identify as atheist or agnostic and most think church attendance is unimportant.
    • In fact, teens 13-18 years old are twice as likely as adults to say they are atheists. And just three in five 13- to 18-year-olds say they are some kind of Christian.
    • Only 34 percent of Gen Zers agree that lying is morally wrong; 24 percent say what is morally right and wrong changes over time based on society, and 58 percent of this least-Christian generation agree that “Many religions can lead to eternal life; there is no ‘one true religion.’

English author William Wordsworth stated: “The childhood of today is the manhood of tomorrow.”

God gives us little boys that need to be transformed, shaped, and molded into biblical warriors who are champions for Almighty God, in the workplace, and within their families. They need to be trained up as brave, God-fearing men of faith who have integrity, honor, and courage. Today, too many men are living a life of fantasy and who live vicariously through others. They take little risks of personal failure by playing video games, watching sports, and viewing reality television. Living life where there is tension, risks, challenges and occasional conflicts allows us to learn valuable lessons that only real relationships and responsibility can teach a person. We have too many men who need to Man Up and become strong in their convictions and moral fiber to meet the challenges this chaotic world brings. Remember, it takes a man to show a man how to be a man. Let’s mentor those men God places in our lives in order to help them become productive God-fearing contributors who can make the better world for tomorrow.

Dr. Jim Grassi, Act Like Men – Be Strong I Cor. 16:13-14

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