Web-Based Men’s Survey Tool

Our comprehensive and customizable survey is tailored specifically to address the men of your church. We will help you to explore and refine your vision for ministry to men by developing questions and ideas that will assist you in gathering the data necessary to determine what is needed to motivate and inspire your men. We will use this data to build a customized online survey, which the men of your organization will be asked to complete.  MMC assists in handling all of the data collection and will provide you with a detailed summary after our in-depth analysis of your survey results. Throughout the entire process we will partner with your leadership team to develop a strategy to implement a ministry that connects with each man in your church and those unsaved men in your community.   Our goal is to help you eliminate many of the common failure points that plague most ministries to men.

The cost of this comprehensive survey, including the summary report is $150.

Please email us – wendell@mensministrycatalyst.org or simply use the form below and we’ll contact you shortly.


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