Evaluating & Reporting

Evaluations and reports are key components to measuring the effectiveness of the planning and work that you have done within your ministry to men. It’s also a critical reporting tool for you to provide to your senior pastor, your church board, and for your men’s council to use in judging the performance and outcome of the many different elements within your ministry’s outreach to men within your church and local community.

The Men’s Leadership Survey is an extremely useful tool for assessing the skills, gifts, passions, and desires of the men on your leadership team (or for those prospective members of your leadership team).

The Men’s Ministry Progress Report Template is useful for summarizing your progress and reporting it to your senior pastor and the MMC team so that we may assist you in those areas that need attention.

The Event Feedback Form is a great tool for you to use in surveying the men who attend any of your organized functions. Your intentional request for feedback from attendees displays a genuine interest in what they have to say AND it’s a great way for you to glean important insights into things that you can do to improve your events and outreach.