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The purpose of the Tip of the Week is to provide weekly insight for Pastor’s and Men’s Leaders into the Biblical Design for Men, Issues Facing Men, and How to Build an Engaging Relationship with men that results in Authentic, Biblical manhood. We provide this insight because every man and every church deserves an environment for an engaging Ministry with Men.

A True Shepherd – Refreshes

by | Nov 30, 2022

Big Idea: True shepherds lead from the front, so they keep their sheep away from polluted drinking pools and lead them to the water that truly refreshes for the long view

Ever been so thirsty you assume that what you are about to drink is clean and good for you, but in reality, may begin to poison you?  I think of the old western movies when the cowboy has something that happened to his horse.  He is in the desert and searching hard for a farmhouse with water or to get to the nearest town.  He is so desperate to get himself to where the water is.  When he finally finds a pool of water he often does not check it out, but immediately starts to drink, only a few drinks in to find out it is polluted.  Not unlike the thirsty cowboy, we often don’t think about the outcome of some of our desires for us, or to those whom we love and are tasked to lead them “clean water” for their life.

What is one desire that may put you and your loved ones at risk?  What is one thing you can do today to help mitigate that risk?

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