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The purpose of the Tip of the Week is to provide weekly insight for Pastor’s and Men’s Leaders into the Biblical Design for Men, Issues Facing Men, and How to Build an Engaging Relationship with men that results in Authentic, Biblical manhood. We provide this insight because every man and every church deserves an environment for an engaging Ministry with Men.

Show God’s Love: To Someone Who is Challenging

by | May 24, 2023

Sharing God’s Love: Big Idea: Share God’s love with a family member or coworker who may be challenging.

This one can be the most difficult of all of these ideas of sharing God’s love. There is a reason this person you are thinking of is hard to love. Regardless, a Christ follower finds a way get beyond themselves and share God’s love with them. You do not have to be their best friend, or even their friend at all. However, with genuine caring, you can find a unique way to share God’s love with them so you have earned to right to share your journey of faith with them. You may find them not so distasteful when you initiate a genuine demonstration of God’s love for them.

Today – ask God to show you just one person that you can genuinely share His love with even though you may believe they do not deserve it.  Here is the kicker in all of this -God extended His love to us long before we began to show our love back to Him.   Tell someone about the experience.  

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