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The purpose of the Tip of the Week is to provide weekly insight for Pastor’s and Men’s Leaders into the Biblical Design for Men, Issues Facing Men, and How to Build an Engaging Relationship with men that results in Authentic, Biblical manhood. We provide this insight because every man and every church deserves an environment for an engaging Ministry with Men.

Our Faith Makes the Rest of Our Life Meaningful

by | Feb 22, 2023

Big Idea: Our Faith Makes the Rest of Our Life Meaningful

This same Pew study that we have been considering showed that people of faith responded positively indicating that they are flourishing in the rest of their lives.  Those with a lack of faith, were many percentage points lower in their response to whether they are flourishing in other areas of  life.  Our intentional relationship with God not only changes our destiny but it adds meaning to our daily life. The conclusion: Pass your faith on – especially to your children.   Someday they will thank you for it.

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