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The purpose of the Tip of the Week is to provide weekly insight for Pastor’s and Men’s Leaders into the Biblical Design for Men, Issues Facing Men, and How to Build an Engaging Relationship with men that results in Authentic, Biblical manhood. We provide this insight because every man and every church deserves an environment for an engaging Ministry with Men.

Making Christmas Unique: Christmas Week

by | Dec 20, 2023

Making Christmas Unique in 2023: Big Idea:  This is Christmas week – men, now is your time to surprise your family.  Give a surprise gift of service to each member of your family, perhaps a neighbor, or members of your Life Group. Jesus set a great example of service, especially when He washed the feet of His disciples. 

What unique gift of service can you give and model to your family? This does not involve any monetary gift-giving. Think of a gift of service you can give to each member of your family – if your wife is responsible for cleaning the house, how could perhaps give your best effort to give her some time off by doing this for her?  How about something your kids would enjoy as a service gift to them?  Doing their chores one week, or taking them somewhere unique – remember this does not involve money only your time and your gift of service to them.  

Today – You will be amazed at how your family responds to your gift of service this year.It would be common for them to be more excited about what you provide in your gift of service than with any of the other gifts they receive.  Certainly, they will talk about that gift more than the others. Bless you, as you model what Christ did for us! 

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