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Growing Spiritually in 2024: Spiritual Growth Comes from Falling in Love with Jesus

by | Feb 21, 2024

Growing Spiritually in 2024: Big Idea: It Comes From Falling in Love with Jesus

All Christians are so very thankful that Jesus paid the price so my sins may be forgiven – knowing this there is nothing we can do to make that happen on our own.  How many Christians have allowed that forgiveness to transform our lives?  Jesus lived and died and paid for my sins.  How many of us have taken the time, focus, and energy to get to personally know Jesus and fall in love with Him?  When you passionately love someone you will do whatever you can to be with them, get to know them more, and do whatever you can for them.  This is the outgrowth of love.  For men, it can be difficult to grasp this concept of being task and goal-oriented or never really knowing this kind of lover personally.

Today – learn something new about Jesus today.  The more you get to know Him, the more you will want to know Him more.    Do the same thing again tomorrow.   This process will eventually be so enthralled with who Jesus is that you cannot help but love him – especially knowing He did it all so you can have life to the full and eternal life when this life is over.

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