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The purpose of the Tip of the Week is to provide weekly insight for Pastor’s and Men’s Leaders into the Biblical Design for Men, Issues Facing Men, and How to Build an Engaging Relationship with men that results in Authentic, Biblical manhood. We provide this insight because every man and every church deserves an environment for an engaging Ministry with Men.

Building a Ministry of Spiritual Mentoring: On-going Growth

by | Sep 7, 2022

Big Idea: Creating teams to lead your most important processes is a critical step to ongoing growth. Ministry to men is the ultimate team sport.

KIS: Keep it simple in your structure. Three key teams can make all the difference. Start with your Discipleship Team. This team is designed to take information from the assessment with your men and create a growth track to permeate any activity that you may be planning. Next, add a Communications Team. This team will take whatever needs to be shared with the men and find creative ways to reach out. It takes the average man more than three contacts before they will decide to commit to any event. Be sure you also have a Service Team. This team focuses on bringing excellence to whatever event may be being planned or executed. From event set up, to excellent food for men, even to community service projects or overseas mission trips, all three of these teams are designed to bring focus, excellence, and a servant’s heart to your events ensuring each man’s needs are being met.

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