When it comes to assembling things, men typically don’t refer to the instruction manual or blueprint until after they have attempted to put the project together. And we’re all familiar with the stereotype of men who will drive for miles before asking for directions. It’s a “guy sort of thing” to equate asking for help with admitting that we don’t know what we’re doing or where we’re going or that we are not in control!

Unfortunately, too many men’s ministry leaders take the same approach when developing a dynamic men’s ministry. From my vantage point, too many men’s ministries fail due to the fact that no plan was developed, and, if developed, it wasn’t followed. There appears to be a very high failure rate among pastors endeavoring to construct a dynamic men’s ministry.

“Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew. 4:19). When Jesus presented that challenge to His followers, He didn’t leave them without instructions. One can clearly see His plan for success in Matthew 6-8 and Romans 12. Jesus provided an instruction manual, or blueprint, for ministry and discipleship for all to follow. He believed in organization and detail. Christ empowered His followers with words and an action plan.

Jesus calls disciples to be transformers, or “revolutionaries” as George Barna calls them. Disciples are change agents willing to model Christ in every aspect of their lives. In order to do this, they need ministry leaders who are being transformed into spiritual mentors. Men don’t need more entertaining programs, although they have their place; what men really need is committed leaders willing to be zealots for the cause of Christ. Committed men are needed who will step out and encourage other men to build relationships with the living God and with other men. George Barna has some challenging thoughts about men becoming more proactive about their faith.

Spiritual transformation is any significant and lasting transition in your life wherein you switch from one substantial perspective or practice to something wholly different that genuinely alters you at a very basic level.

And so it is with developing an effective ministry to men. In addition to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, men must have a workable plan, effective strategies to achieve the desired goals, and the passion of a revolutionist.

Taken from Building a Ministry of Spiritual Mentors, by Jim Grassi