Strategic Partners

Wayde Goodall − Founder of World Wide and ‎Dean, College of Ministry at Northwest University

Chuck Stecker − President/Founder of “A Chosen Generation“>, and is an expert on building an intergenerational culture within the church. He is also a frequent speaker at men’s events.

Rev. Jim Putnam − Pastor of Real-Life Ministries, a multisite church in Northern Idaho. He is the author of Discipleshift.

Phil Downer − President of Discipleship Network of America

Vino y Aceite Association of Churches – A network of Hispanic churches led by Pastor Ariel Romero. We are excited to parter with Pastor Ariel Romero.

Covenant Eyes – Covenant Eyes app is a web filtering software that has been designed to use on mobile devices. It is designed to help people avoid viewing pornography, which it does by blocking all pornographic content from the web. It is also designed to monitor the user’s online activity so they can be held accountable for their actions.

The Apostle Paul’s ministry is filled with examples of teamwork and how encouraging it was to him and his ministry. Teamwork and connecting with those we are ministering to is one of the keys to an effective ministry. Paul’s ministry demonstrated how working as a team is significantly more effective than our individual efforts.

Christ desires team players who:

  • Have a servant’s heart
  • Have a desire to put others above self.
  • He seeks men willing to place into service their gifts, talents, and resources to help build His kingdom.