Springfield Inter-Church Softball

It should never be forgotten that true ministry is not about slick programs or clever approaches. It’s about discipleship and relationship building, with the ultimate goal being to reach an unsaved population with the Good News. To be eternally effective, the end result of the ministry’s focus must always lead people to God. To know God and make Him known should be the goal of every program. As in Christ’s day, we need to target what distinguishes the audience and develop a prayerful strategy that helps build a bridge to better dialogue and deeper trust. The church needs to relate to others in more culturally relevant terms and provide programs that capture the attention of a lost community.

Jesus used many practical anecdotes and miracles to capture the attention of His audience and earn the right to be heard. So it is with Men’s Ministry Catalyst. The many user-friendly concepts and program models found in our books and this website will enable churches to build friendship bridges to a spiritually wary culture. In today’s morally apathetic society, most people desire to focus on charisma and sensationalism instead of character. Men’s Ministry Catalyst encourages churches to utilize effective outreach models that project basic principles of first-century discipleship while encouraging Christians to utilize their spiritual gifts and talents.

Whether it is outdoor adventure programs like Fathers in the Field or the use of team sports like softball or basketball programs, a church can connect with men who might not otherwise come in the front door. Every outreach should have a time when you intentionally build relationships that can be followed up so that a mentoring process can be initiated.

Taken from Building a Ministry of Spiritual Mentors, by Jim Grassi