MMC Resources

  • Bible Ready Reference Guide – Containing helpful Bible verses for living a transformed life
  • Weekly Devotionals – Access to a library of inspiring devotionals that will motivate your men
  • ManUp! Radio Program – Listen to the weekly ManUp! Radio program hosted by Jim Grassi. Originally airs on KYMS Radio 89.9 FM.
  • Books & Booklets – Offering guidance and inspiration
  • Blog – Offering new ideas and inspiration
  • Messages – On timely topics
  • MMC Newsletter: The Connection is a newsletter designed to provide you with examples of how to grow or expand your influence with men.
  • Men’s Ministry Assessment SurveyGain a better understanding of the current status of your Men’s Ministry.
  • Web-Based Men’s Survey Tool – This comprehensive and customizable survey is tailored specifically to the men of your church.
  • Men’s Ministry Quick Start Guide – Subjects include: Eliminating Common Failure Points; Developing a God-Given Vision and Mission for Your Ministry; Discipleship/Spiritual Mentoring needs to be at the Core; Building a Team of Mature and Transparent leaders
  • Toolbox – Web-based Resource Library of Best Practices based on 38 years of Men’s Ministry experience
    • How to eliminate common failure points
    • How to develop a God-given vision and mission for your ministry
    • How to ensure discipleship and spiritual mentoring are at the core
    • How to build a team of mature and transparent leaders
    • Much more!