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building a ministry of spiritual mentoring 3ELIMINATE COMMON FAILURE POINTS:

Can you imagine what it would be like to eliminate most of the failure points that cause men’s minis­tries to collapse? After meeting with your MMC leadership team and assessing your men we will partner with your leaders in uti­lizing a biblical foundation to develop a practical Men’s Ministry vision. Leaders need to create a safe environment for men to become transparent and supportive of one another (Proverbs 15:22)

By eliminating the common failure points you will create a nurtur­ing and positive environment for men to explore their faith.

Resource: Building a Ministry of Spiritual Mentoring – Review common failure points – Exhibit 1-A and Exhibit 1-B

building a ministry of spiritual mentoring 3DEVELOP A GOD-GIVEN VISION AND MISSION FOR YOUR MINISTRY

With a small group of leaders develop a vision, mission statement, and viable goals that connect with your men’s passions and interest areas (1 Tim. 4:16).

Resource:  Building a Ministry of Spiritual Mentoring – Review your vision and mission statement for an effective and dynamic ministry to men – Chapter 1 and Exhibit 3


With the assistance of your MMC coach select a strategy that assures a sustainable program that is consistently inspiring, empowering, equipping, and deploying men who help create true disciples that can help the pastor in growing your church. Whatever you do make sure your methodology is biblically-based, marked with quality, excellence, and not overly complicated

Resource:  The Spiritual Mentor – Review definitions and core values – Chapters 1 and 3, and More Than a Fisherman – Chapter 3

building a ministry of spiritual mentoring 3BUILD A TEAM OF MATURE AND TRANSPARENT LEADERS

Your leadership team should meet regularly to pray, plan, and discuss strategy. At your monthly meetings you should not only conduct the men’s ministry business but seek to become transparent, encouraging, and accountable to one another (Prov. 27:17). The servant-leader model or Christ’s ministry should be a standard adopted by your group (Matthew 20:26).

Resource: Building a Ministry of Spiritual Mentoring – Review men’s ministry leadership survey – Exhibits 2-A and 4


Pray, plan, and execute the vision and strategy that fits the makeup of your group. Determine the scope of activities based upon your mission, goals, capabilities, resources, and size of the leadership team. Develop discipleship models that address the topic areas identified by your men who completed the Web-Based Men’s Survey Tool. Select mentors from within and outside your group that can address the specific needs and concerns of your men. You will also need a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Resource: Building a Ministry of Spiritual Mentoring – Review the models – Chapters. 3, 11, and 13, and Finishing Well – Finishing Strong – Review Chapters 13

building a ministry of spiritual mentoring 3LAUNCH OR RE-LAUNCH YOUR PROGRAM

Have specific bench marks to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of your ministry and if necessary modify your objectives. Have real-time feedback coming from the men so you can become more effective. Focus on ministry, Bible studies, events, and programs that build-up and help mold your men into authentic disciples. While achieving God’s plan for your ministry make it dynamic, exciting, challenging, and fun. Think God-size visions that enable the men to take some risks.

Resource: Building a Ministry of Spiritual Mentoring – Review developing a vision and mission for an effective and dynamic ministry to men – Exhibit 2-B, 2-C

Learn more about how MMC can guide you through the development of men’s ministry strategies to launch or re-launch your ministry to men utilizing MMC’s Six Steps of Development for Ministry to Men.

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