Guts, Grace and Glory

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Those men who step out onto the field — as players and as coaches — are amongst the toughest of men you will find. Yet, as Character Coach Jim Grassi shows, these gridiron warriors fight the same battles that can cause any person to stumble. Because guts aren’t just needed on the football field; they’re needed for life. Guts, Grace and Glory offers sixty-five devotions based on the stats and stories of some of today’s most famous players and coaches, along with glimpses into great moments from football history.



“I’m not sure where the popular adage ‘No Guts, No Glory’ originated, but they must have had the game of football in mind,” admits Kurt Warner, NFL Super Bowl MVP XXXIV in the forward to Jim Grassi’s book, Guts, Grace and Glory.

As a former chaplain for the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco Forty-Niners, Grassi has seen first hand that when everything is on the line, great men turn to strength and faith – in football and in life. In Guts, Grace, and Glory, Grassi shows how to incorporate faith and endurance on a daily basis—not just to win at football, but also to win at life.

Our newspapers and sports programs are filled with sad stories of a few coaches and players who made tragic errors in judgment and some bad choices. What are the memories your fans and media will have of your team? Most successful coaches desire to have their teams establish a positive reputation both on and off the field. Dr. Grassi’s latest book, Guts, Grace and Glory will help all of us work through those challenging obstacles and temptations life can bring while encouraging us to develop a great legacy.

It has been said, “The highest reward for a man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but rather what he becomes by it.” Every football player has a story to tell. In Guts, Grace and Glory, Jim Grassi shares many of his observations and personal reflections about the game and its superstars. He provides a “behind the scenes” look at the players and the game. Through the use of carefully crafted anecdotes and analogies, Dr. Grassi shares authentic experiences that help us overcome obstacles, strengthen our character and expand our faith. Recognized by some college and NFL teams as The Character Coach, Jim offers many ideas that help the reader understand the sport of football and the game of life.

The Forward for this unique motivational book on the importance of character was provided by superstar Kurt Warner who states:

“I believe that in reading this book you will be entertained, but more importantly
you will be inspired and encouraged to seek glory by living your life with
guts and faith. Guts that allow us to accept our shortcomings and face the most difficult
of circumstances with courage… In this book, Dr. Jim Grassi does a wonderful job of
using some great anecdotes from the game of football to demonstrate how glory—on
and off the field—hinges on the guts with which one plays.”

Anecdotes from the greatest players in the game—Johnny Unitas, Tim Tebow, Paul Bear Bryant, RGIII, Bryan “Bart” Starr, Matt Hasselbeck, and more—and their coaches demonstrate how glory, on and off the field, hinges on a solid relationship with God and the guts with which one plays out life’s challenges.

“In observing good coaches, it’s common to hear them encourage their players by saying: Finish Strong!” Grassi states in the pages of Guts, Grace and Glory. “Are you feeling like you want to quit or slow down? Perhaps you need to define your goals and commitments more precisely. Don’t doubt, don’t waver, don’t change course: “Finish strong!”

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