Do you feel lost in the fog—  the fog of mixed priorities, confusion about direction, and too many demands on your time? Overcoming the frustration and stress of that lost feeling starts with understanding how God intended us to live and how relationship with Him impacts everything we do. Many well-meaning Christians tell us that it’s all a matter of just setting priorities. “If we had our priorities straight, everything else would fall into place.” I don’t think that God wants to be just another priority. Instead, He wants to be our first love—not in the sense of priorities—but in the sense of our all-consuming passion. The content written in this booklet will help you more fully understand what that means in your life.

The Lord brings men to Himself to build them up to be strong in the faith and useful in His kingdom.  Most of all, He wants relationship with each one He has called to Himself. We hope these booklets can play a part in the plan He is working out in your life. Visit the MMC store to order your copy of this or any of our other titles.