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Prayer Letter – October 2023

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Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you all for your prayer support during in 2023. The amazing ministry that has occurred, is nothing short of miraculous. We know it is because of the move of God because the outcomes were far more than we could even imagine.

  1. Men’s Conference / International Conference – Vino Y Aceite denomination headquartered in Tecate, Mexico. Between Jim and me, we have been on site speaking five different times to a variety of audiences. The head of this church is Rev. Ariel Romeo Lopez and his wife Chely. He has a vision of over 1,000 churches. Currently he is pushing 140 churches in 20 countries including Cuba. We stand with this pastor and believe in his vision to impact Central America for Christ. Please pray that God will continue to bless and protect his current pastors, that God will raise up an army of new pastors who will start churches, and that His favor would continue to rest on this group of committed leaders. MMC will support this ministry again in 2024. Our focus is building men, and this is one of the major initiatives of this growing denomination.
  2. Sowers Evangelistic International Church (SEIC) located in Tanzania. Wendell spent two weeks working with men as well as the church throughout the country. They readily admit that the church in Africa is focused on children, youth and women – as they are the easiest and most enthusiastic to be able to convert to Christianity and get readily involved once converted. Men in Africa are really struggling with many issues. This includes issues of depression. alcoholism, and trouble finding productive work. Given the condition of men, this Arch Bishop is committed to reaching men in the local neighborhoods where they are starting churches and is creating a significant initiative to change this condition of men within all of their existing and future churches in this great country. There is currently over 140 churches with new churches starting every week. His vision is also for 1,000 in the next five years. Pray the Lord of the harvest will grant this request. We are committed to stand with this denomination to guide national and local leaders who will be raising up men to impact the country for Christ.

With just these two initiatives we are impacting men in more than 300 churches. We are also committed to connecting with denominations, and association of churches here in the United States so we can reach more men through groups of churches, than we could ever reach one church at a time. We continue to remain committed to impact any church who is working to reaching their men for Christ.

Pray the Lord of the Harvest that he will raise up leaders who are committed to reaching men that can impact generations yet to be born (Psalm 78:1-5).

  1. Regional Men’s Leadership Training in Jim and Louise’s home church where MMC was born – Redwood Chapel in Castro Valley, CA on November 4th. Pray that Redwood and surrounding churches will support this initiative to reach the men of this great community for Christ.
  2. Year End Initiative – pray that God would continue to move on the hearts of our wonderful Faith Partners. We only do one major funding initiative every year. This year end initiative sets the funding and budgets for the following year – in this case 2024. We are blessed with very faithful and generous Faith Partners who believe in the commitment MMC to impacting men through local churches. Pray that God would lead our Faith Partners to continue to support this initiative and that God will add to the number of Faith Partners.
  3. Leadership – to expand as God has called us to, MMC needs to add to our ministry staff. Pray that God would raise up leadership that has influence in the denominational, church associations, and with pastors overall. MMC is urgently committed to reaching men through local churches. Given the times in which we are living, this is an urgent plea. We believe God has uniquely positioned MMC to make in impact with our resources, our experience, and the models we have that have proven success for reaching men. Now more than ever is the time to lead churches into a revival among their men to impact families, neighborhoods, marketplaces and of course your local church.

As you pray for these initiatives we believe you will be praying for our favor in 2024 to impact ever more men through the context of their local church. If you know anyone in local church, denominational, or association leadership, please introduce us so we can expand our influence.

Your prayers are foundational to any favor we may have. Please pray daily and urgently as we need God’s leadership and daily blessing to stay strong, not be sidetracked, and lead men in overcoming our culture and the sin that is so abundant in today’s society.

We love you and thank you for holding us up in prayer.

Wendell Morton
Executive Director
Men’s Ministry Catalyst

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