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Colossians 4:3–4 – And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ…

Prayer Letter – October 2021

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Dear Prayer Partner,

The recent Men’s Ministry Catalyst (MMC) 40th Anniversary Celebrations in Bay Area and in
Coeur D’Alene (CDL) were a wonderful testimony to the lives that have experienced the love of Christ through 40 years of MMC ministry. Those in attendance also expressed enthusiastic support for the transition. The opportunity for Deb and I to experience firsthand, the difference MMC has and is making in people lives fires us up even more, if that is possible, for the future of MMC. Enjoy the photos of our 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Looking to the Future

Exciting opportunities to continue to share the love of Christ and build for the future – please pray!

2021 – Between Now and End of Year

  1. Host a 40th Anniversary type of event in Denver before the end of the year. The main goals of this event are:
    1. Reach more local churches
    2. Begin to build another funding network beyond what Jim has built.
  2. Transfer some of the MMC operation functions to my office in Denver.
  3. Transfer the Monthly Donor Letter responsibilities to my office in Denver.
  4. Ministry funding Goal:
    1. We have an overall Financial Goal of $150,000, above the existing budget. This is needed to fund the top 5 goals and my salary.
    2. A dedicated MMC supporter has stepped forward who will match up to $75,000. Clearly God at work and an unbelievable blessing.

What to pray for:

  1. God to open doors as we make calls to connect with pastors, churches our networks and additional networks to which we are referred.
  2. The spiritual battles going on in our land today. Satan’s goal is to see the continued spiritual decline of men, continued decline of the family, the removal of men from families and church.
  3. A smooth transition of MMC leadership from our Founder and President Dr. Jim Grassi to myself.
  4. MMC’s success in fulfilling The Great Commission. There is no better witness than a changed life that is living out a Christ-like lifestyle.
  5. The continued financial support of our donors, and the addition of new donors.

Continue to reach out to others who might have interest in praying for MMC or financially supporting our vision. The Vision is helping men in their journey towards Authentic Biblical Manhood – primarily by helping pastors and men’s leaders create an engaging men’s ministry in the local church – and ultimately helping each man to reach out to another man and bring them along in the journey. Matthew 4:19

I wished all of you could have attend the 40th Anniversary celebration to experience, as we did, the importance of the MMC ministry to continue grow and change lives by sharing the love of Christ. You are foundation of prayer for MMC. You are needed fare more than you know. Also seek God’s on how the He would have us meet our funding raising goal so we can move forward with the goals listed below.

God bless you and thank you for your prayers and support.




Wendell Morton
Executive Director
Men’s Ministry Catalyst

2022 – Top Five Goals

  1. Social Media Focus: Desire to build an interactive relationship with our constituency
    1. Monthly Men’s Leadership Podcast; Published on a host of other social media Networks.
      1. The goal is to begin to get MMC’s content out to others
      2. Bring in other speakers as well – because when we do, they will send what we do to their constituency and add to our reach
  2. Connect with Five Denominations in 2022, who will take on MMC materials: primarily the Six Step Engagement Process and our Church focused books.
    1. Associations of Churches are like denominations
    2. Parachurches who have the same end customer, the local church
  3. Speaking Events – it is important to stay visible and focus on groups of churches in these events, to cover more ground.
  4. Engage of minimum of 20 individual churches in the Six Step Engagement Process: It is important for me to stay at the grass roots level and ensure that what we have works in the trenches.   It is important to not lose touch of this process and specifically ways to keep improving the engagement.
  5. Focus on North America primarily – we have multiple contacts in NA. Rather than go around the world, especially during Covid, we can do a lot of work right here closer to home.  Having Mexico on the list means we would want to consider translating some of MMC materials into Spanish.

40th Anniversary Celebration in September 2021

Wendell Morton
Jim Grassi
MMC 40th Anniversary Celebration
MMC 40th Anniversary Celebration
MMC 40th Anniversary Celebration

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