Galatians 6:2 – Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Colossians 4:3–4 – And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ…

Prayer Letter – June 2024

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Dear Prayer Partners,

Welcome to Summer – I am not sure what it is like where you are, but in Colorado, it moved directly to summer with soaring temperatures this upcoming week. I trust you have great summer plans with family and friends. God does not want us to live in isolation and it is through community that we have the best chance of fulfillment and life impact on those around us.

It is hard to believe how fast 2024 is going. At the end of this month, 2024 will be halfway over. Here at MMC, we know that this is a big year in our history as we work to fulfill the initiatives that God has given us to do.

  • Our podcast that airs on the first and third Thursdays has had tremendous growth year over year. We have listeners in 17 countries, and we are having more than triple-digit growth from 2023. The list of guests we have had this year and have already recorded through the end of August is amazing. The messages these men and women are living daily in their ministries are inspiring. Our listeners will be challenged to personal and spiritual growth as a result.

    Pray for God to use this simple tool to challenge, inspire, and convict all of us to grow in Him and our relationships with each other as a result.
  • Men’s Leadership Workshop – We were blessed to recently be able to conduct a leadership workshop just outside of Detroit. A great spirit was in this place. These men are hungry to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of the men they lead. We are doing follow-up calls with these men every other month for the next six months. Our commitment is to stay with them as they integrate what they have learned and experienced into their local ministry.

    Pray for these men that God will continue to transform them and those in their ministries.
  • Cohort Experience – In June MMC will conclude the first full 6 months of the Cohort Experience. These 15 men have committed to making a long-term impact on the men in their church and their community. They have been hungry, committed, learning, and transformed more into the image of Christ and growing in their leadership. MMC will start another session in July with 10 men making the same level of commitment.

    Pray that God will significantly impact the lives of these men who are committed to personal growth and to be used by God to impact other men.
  • Paper to Digital / Legacy Initiative: In the last two months we have been able to make significant strides. We have seven books that we are committed to retaining in paperback, but also move them to an eBook (Kindle) and an audiobook (Audible) by the end of July. This will give men the chance to consume our materials in whatever format they choose, and God will bless their commitment to spiritual growth.

    Pray that our partners and the technology work smoothly so this extremely important process is successful.
  • Ministry Partnership – To create the next version of MMC and to impact churches and their men in even greater ways, we believe it is important to find partners who have the same mission as MMC and can extend our reach to places we would never be able to connect on our own. This week (June 5-7), we are meeting with one such partner. It is a significant opportunity – so significant the board of MMC is attending with Jim and me to have these discussions.

    Pray that God will make himself known, so there is no mystery, and no confusion, and that both this potential partner and the leadership of MMC will have complete clarity on the outcome God desires for both of us.

Continue to pray for God’s favor and the favor of those with whom we work to move the ministry along timely.

YOU are a blessing that without which MMC would NEVER achieve what God has for us in 2024 and beyond. We covet your prayers and support.

In His Service,

Wendell Morton
Executive Director
Men’s Ministry Catalyst

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