Galatians 6:2 – Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Colossians 4:3–4 – And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ…

Prayer Letter – January 2023

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Dear MMC Prayer Partner,

The Brooklyn Bridge was considered “the eighth wonder of the world” upon its completion in 1883.  A single, slender wire strung from one bridge two to the other was essential for the structure to come to fruition. Additional wires were added to the first until a massive cable, along with three others, was woven together.  When finished, each cable – composed of more than five thousand galvanized wires – helped support the longest suspension bridge in its day. What started as something small turned into a huge part of the Brooklyn Bridge.

So it is with the humble beginnings of our Lord – so it is with each one of us. God has called us to daily faithfulness in our obedience and our following His leading in our lives. MMC is praying for you as you follow Him one small step at a time until you can look back and see the mighty work God has been doing.

We are very excited about 2023 and ask you pray that the one small wire we string one at a time in 2023, will be multiplied many times over until we look back and see not only the beauty of what God was doing, but even more so, to see the lives changed, churches engaged, and generations yet to be born dramatically changed due to faithfulness today.

Here are a few of the things we are working on in 2023 for which we seek your prayers:

  1. Jim and Louise are in Yuma AZ for 3 months. There is a mighty move of God there and across the border in Mexico. Pray that God would use them to encourage many, be used of Him to be a vital part of the move of God in that region.
  2. Mexico Revival and why MMC is supporting it. One of our initiatives for 2022, was to focus on all of North America. What that means is while not actively pursuing opportunities outside of the US, we were open to Canada and Mexico if there was a move of God for which we could use our resources, training, and platform, to impact.  We are seeing a strong move of God in Mexico.  We have been invited in to provide leadership in areas that we are uniquely equipped to utilized.
    • Wendell will be meeting with Pastors and leaders training in Tecate, Mexico January 12 – 15. There are over 40 pastors and leaders that are meeting during the day and then there is a time of Renewal in the evenings with as many as 300 attending. Pray for God’s vision for reaching people for Christ, to invade their hearts and minds of the leaders.  Also pray that these leaders will develop a clear vision for reaching their men, who will reach others also.
    • We are wanting to provide a service to this main pastor, who has over 130 pastors in his association. Given that we are pulling two service projects together. One is to help build a new sanctuary for his Central Church in Tecate. Pray that God would provide workers and finances to cover this building project.   Currently scheduled for April 15-22.
    • Medical Mission – pray that God would provide the medical personnel and the financial support to buy medications and other items that will be needed to love on the local people and have God and the local churches in the area get all of the credit for this opportunity.
    • Spanish Resources – pray that we can get some resources printed in a timely and cost-efficient manner to be able to support these pastors and leaders as they work to make disciples, who make disciples. We have several resources targeted, including our newest book, The Great Shepherd, along with a few other pieces.
  3. Grow our Social Media outreach to have an international impact. We are seeing this happen already. There have been many contacts from various places around the world. Our focus is to provide the resources and training (long distance) so they can have an impact on their world for Christ.  It seems all countries are facing a similar battle – given our enemy is the same, that should not be a revelation, but it was for me.
  4. Introduce a Cohort training program that will multiply our efforts in many places around the US and ultimately around the world. We are looking for leaders with a passion to reach the men of their local church and then to reach other churches in their community as well.
  5. Continue to create or recreate resources that will further expand our training and our reach as we are committed to reaching men for Christ through their local church.

I have included the full list of initiatives so you can see what else we are doing and for which we desperately need your prayers. God is on the move, and we want to be part of it.

You are a blessing – what you do in prayer is the key to any of this being successful by bearing much fruit.

We are in turn praying for you and 2023 in your life, the life of your family, and the life of your ministry.

Bless you, as we journey together.

Wendell Morton
Executive Director
Men’s Ministry Catalyst

2023 Men’s Ministry Catalyst Initiatives

  1. Assist, guide, inspire, and equip our faith partners with resources that will help them reach others for Christ
  2. Build a network of churches, denominations, and associations to assist and inspire them in building outreach program to help men in biblical manhood.
  3. Initiate and grow a Mexico Mission Program that would include Discipleship Training, Medical Missions, and Construction Projects.
  4. Grow our social media outreach to have an intergenerational impact.  Add social media networks, expand our weekly offering on Social Media, and provide more ways to reach unchurched men.
  5. Expand our touchpoints with leaders, men, and expand our global database associated with the Weekly Devotional, Tip of the Week, and Podcasts.
  6. Initiate a quarterly training meeting with our current network of pastors and leaders of men.
  7. Introduce a Cohort Training Model specifically to raise up representatives of MMC around the country to work  in their local communities.
  8. Recruit additional staff that will help us further the work of discipleship and expanding MMC by creating additional content and reaching new leaders.
  9. Create new resources that will further the work of discipling men and expanding MMC.

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