Meet Our Team

Dr. Jim Grassi

Dr. Jim Grassi

Founder/President of Men's Ministry Catalyst

Dr. James (Jim) Grassi is the Founder and President of the culturally strategic Men’s Ministry Catalyst and Let’s Go Fishing Productions Foundation.  As an award-winning author and communicator, he emphasizes evangelism and discipleship (spiritual mentoring) in his messages, teachings, writings, and social media content.  He has been on the frontlines of ministry to men for almost four decades.  In a fresh and dynamic approach to presenting the Gospel, Jim utilizes his background as a business leader, hall-of-fame outdoorsman and writer, college professor, and international speaker to discuss timely topics that impact his audiences.   His passion is to help develop spiritual mentors who want to fulfill The Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20).  In the capacity of a volunteer chaplain, he is being utilized by police and fire departments and professional football teams as a character coach and spiritual motivator.

Louise Grassi

Louise Grassi

Executive Assistant to President

Louise maintains relationships with our donors and constituents. She coordinates all the financial matters associated with the ministry. With her gift of hospitality she helps host pastors and individuals at their home. Louise serves as the administrative assistant to Jim and the team.

Tim Tyler

Tim Tyler

Associate Director for Ministry Operations

Pastor Tim has helped men and their families for over thirty years, providing them with pastoral care, mentoring, counseling, social services, and training. That means he has dealt with a broad spectrum of issues, including marital problems, parenting, church discipline, child abuse, domestic violence, and delinquency. His leadership and management skills come from an in-depth experience within the public sector, private social services, church, and para-church ministries. Tim understands what it takes to help local churches connect with men in their community, inspire them to diligently seek God, and encourage their spiritual growth so they become more like the Lord Jesus. Tim sees the Bible as foundational to all Christian development and ministry; he strives to “stir up love and good deeds” so that “all will know that you are My disciples.” Tim has enjoyed hiking, camping, mountain climbing, disc golf, and most recently kayaking. He and his wife, Penny, have three sons and three grandchildren.

Jim Benson

Consultant to the President

Jim Benson is a former senior level executive with several large corporations. He has served as a Chief Information Officer, Sr. VP of Operations, Information Technology and Human Resources, and National Distribution Mgr. for Levis Men’s wear division. Mr. Benson has extensive experience as an elder in large and small churches. As a leader in church capital fund drives and a consultant on communication planning and reorganization initiatives he has helped churches to achieve their goals. His wisdom, insight, and experience gained in business and on numerous boards enables him to be a trusted advisor to MMC.

Dan McKinley

Volunteer Associate Director of Sports Ministries

As a former golf professional, skilled outdoorsman, and sports ministries director, Dan has the skill-set necessary to help men’s ministry programs connect with those men in your church who may not initially be interested in being a participant in the life of the church.  His approach to reaching your community through the development of outdoor skills and unique recreational programs will help attract unsaved men to participate in your church ministry to men.  In addition to 8 years in the Army as a trainer in Central and South America, Dan has spent many years as a pro-staff member in the outdoors industry, a Regional Director for the National Wild Turkey Federation and Mule Deer Foundation, and has been on the professional bass fishing circuit.  He has been involved in sports shows as an exhibitor, seminar speaker, outdoor educator, outdoor program developer, and licensed big game guide.  Through his experiences and his love for passing on knowledge, Dan can help generate a new dimension to your outreach efforts.

Jed Benoit

Web Developer / Email Campaigns

Jed has worked with many businesses and ministries over the years developing a web presence and strategy to help them be successful in their mission. He currently manages MMC’s site and email campaigns, as well as provides related support. Jed has lived and worked as a missionary in both Mexico and Peru and presently lives with his wife, Jaime and their 4 kiddos, in Coeur d’Alene, ID.