Our History

Our Current Focus

mmc logo-green-blue (Small)It is our desire to see every church disciple every man. The unfortunate fact is that thousands of churches have no idea how to reach, inspire, evangelize, grow, equip, encourage, and deploy their men to effectively model Christ in their lives. As a result, too many men are struggling with depression, defeat, loneliness, frustration, pornography addiction, and even despair. According to recent statistics and several articles, “Women have become the backbone of many Christian congregations in America”. So where are the men?

Arguably the Christian Church is losing its appeal to the American male. As an institution it is increasingly viewed as non-relevant and out-of-touch in responding to the concerns and needs of men. The Heritage Foundation Family Facts studies have shown “attendance in church among men is constantly decreasing.” The results of these facts are never good; such as, the decay of the family structure that sets the next generation in the wrong direction, poorer job performance, deterioration of individual health, increased depression, and as a final result – the community suffers because of these trends. Edwin Louis Cole said, “You can derive spirituality from women in the church, but you get strength from the men.” Not a very politically correct statement, but what does your experience tell you? Doesn’t the presence of spiritually alive men bring strength to the body? Gordon Dalbey notes, “A unique and truly awesome power arises when men gather together: the power which God gives especially to men collectively, to get His work done in the world.”

Dr. Patrick Morley, founder of Man in the Mirror states, “Nothing else has the power to change the world like reaching men.” We appreciate the endorsement and support we have received from his organization and the National Coalition of Ministries to Men who believe in our approach to reach men.


Our History

Since restructuring as Men’s Ministry Catalyst (MMC) in 2009 we have been privileged to become one of the largest and versatile men’s equipping organizations in the world. MMC has been a global resource and leadership training organization for thousands of churches and other men’s ministries wishing to impact their communities with relevant messages and memory-building experiences. Our comprehensive best practices, biblical solutions, and innovative resources have enabled us to empower ministries with our prayers, resources, and strategic counsel.

Most importantly, MMC helps individuals understand the importance of accepting the challenge issued by the Master Fisherman (Jesus) some two thousand years ago. “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men” (Matt. 4:19). Fundamental to all that we do is DISCIPLESHIP. We believe that without discipleship you cannot effectively reach men. Discipleship is a process. God’s desire is to etch into our lives the imprint of His son, Jesus. He is responsible for the construction process of making us like Christ. But He needs yielded, available individuals willing to be shaped, molded, and carved by His hands.

Changing individuals and communities can only happen when churches are willing to connect with their unbelieving populations – especially men. To this end MMC provides experienced leadership and specific program models that help the local church in its mission.

Our team ranks among the most experienced men’s leaders in the country. One of the hallmarks of our organization is the unique blend of applied biblical knowledge combined with state-of-the-art business models that produce active participants to serve our Lord.

The Founder and President of MMC, Dr. Jim Grassi, is a best-selling author, pastor, international speaker, chaplain, and master outdoorsman. Most importantly he is a servant-leader of God with an evangelistic heart and a desire to promote biblical family values.

Since its inception in 1981 Men’s Ministry Catalyst (initially known as Let’s Go Fishing Ministries – Matt. 4:19 or Outdoor Connection Ministries – Rom. 1:20) had as its focus men. Statistical observation and biblical evidence shows us that when men come to faith and are the spiritual leaders within their homes, churches, and communities God’s design for manhood is evident.

outdoor connectionIn our early years we utilized a sports ministry platform and conducted hundreds of outdoor father/child conferences, youth programs, church outreach events, Christian conference center retreats, men’s fellowship gatherings, sports show appearances, community outreach events, and public speaking engagements. These meetings encouraged literally millions to explore their faith, strengthen their character, and build lifelong memories while developing new recreational interests and skills that embrace family togetherness.