elijahThen the word of the Lord came to Elijah…So he did what the Lord had told him.” I Kings 17:2,5a

The temptations of our society can cause even the strongest believer to occasionally ponder the things of this world. Throughout Scripture we read about men and women who took refuge from the tempter by developing a strong relationship with God through constant prayer and obedience to His word.

Such was the case with the prophet Elijah. He was a man who was willing to “Stand in the Gap” when all else seemed hopeless. Elijah prophesied to Israel during a time when rampant idolatry and rebellion against God was at its highest level. (870-850 BC)

For many decades prior to Elijah’s prophecies, there was bloodshed, conspiracy, deception, idolatry, and immorality in Israel. When King Ahab married Jezebel, they almost made the evil kings of the past seem like amateurs. Their evil plots and government tried to destroy the faith of the Israelites. Ahab even set up an altar for Baal (the god of fertility and one of the most important gods of the Canaanites) in the temple of Baal, which he had built in Samaria. (I Kings 16:32)

In contrast the name Elijah means “My God is the Lord.” Elijah’s very name spoke of his character. He stood alone in the midst of an idolatrous society, proclaiming boldly and fearlessly this essential message: “I have one God. His name is the Lord. He is the only One I serve.”

As you head to the voting booth, I challenge each of us to remember the vision of our fore-fathers. Their belief in God and obedience to His word formed the principles we see written into our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Unfortunately, much like the people in Elijah’s time, we have strayed away from God’s plan, purpose, and vision. We have let the temptations of our fleshly desires and godless hearts guide our direction, interest, and passions. Instead of prayer there is panic. Instead of vision there is friction. Instead of unity there is strife. And instead of obedience to His commands we suffer with a “new normal” on critical issues.

As a country we no longer blush at the things we use to call evil. Those who seek to live a lifestyle without God continue to push their evil agendas down the throats of an apathetic Christian culture. My friends, it is time to stand up and be counted. It’s time to take back our great country before America becomes totally ruined. The collapse of the Great Roman Empire was not due to the Barbarians, but was due to the collapse of the moral structure and fabric of the country. The same thing is happening to America.

Elijah communicated a message to God something like: “Lord, if you want me standing in the king’s presence I’m there. If you want me by the brook, I’m there. I’ll serve you there, in public, or here in silence.” Let us determine where God can best use us. Where is God calling you to take a stand? How can you encourage others to get involved in taking our country back from godless leaders? What would it look like if you got involved in the political process? It starts by Christians getting involved in school boards, city councils, and civic groups. It starts by not just standing idle when offensive behaviors and verbal abuse is happening in our presence.

Long before Elijah, Joshua decided to reclaim that which is of God. “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15b) Let us start by taking back our households. Don’t let the mass media hold our children and grandchildren hostage to the lies of this world.

Let’s remember all those who stood in the gap for us so we could enjoy our faith and freedom. Vote for people who share your values and honor our God. Make your vote count!

Personal Application:

Taking a proactive stance may be what God is asking you to do today. Call your friends and neighbors and strongly encourage them to vote.

1 Thes.5:5 Tells us we are “children of the light”. What does that mean to you? We are not called to be the sun; God is like the sun. We are called to be like a moon and reflect the light of the sun.

Jim Grassi, D. Min.