Hunter in camouflage standing with bow and arrow on rock in dense forest

“You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God,
you will receive what he has promised.”
– Hebrews 10:36

During the peak of World War II Sir Winston Churchill encouraged the ally nations to continue their fight against the aggressors. In his famous speech at a critical time in the war, he proclaimed, “Never Give Up!”

This is not only good advice for a nation under siege, but for Christians and hunters alike. Dwight Schuh is one of the most well-known bow hunters in the country.

Giving up too soon

One of Dwight’ favorite stories about not giving up, comes from a time when he was hunting Oregon’s Blue Mountains on a blustery day in September. Dwight remembers, “I spotted a small four-pointer near some plumb bushes and was watching him feed. As I was looking through my spotting scope and thinking about how nice it would be to see a big deer, I had a startling surprise. My daydreaming was interrupted when a massive set of antlers rose into my view from behind the first buck.”

Dwight studied the animal and landscape. He carefully began his stalk to this trophy mule deer. He took over an hour to circle around the canyon. Crawling and sliding on his belly, he kept out of view of the deer. Unfortunately, several snow squalls blew and whipped through the area from one end to the other. Then, as he crept up to the patch of plumb bushes where he thought the deer had been feeding, it appeared the deer was long gone.

“I couldn’t see any sign of the deer and figured he had scented me and bailed out of the area.” Dwight was cold and frustrated and willing to pack it in. As he was waiting out the snow flurry under a tree, a grouse jumped up on a rock 15 feet away. Clucking and chirping the bird began to tease our disappointed hunter. “I was freezing, hungry, and roast grouse seemed like just what the doctor would order to get over my case of blues.” Convincing himself that the bucks were gone, Dwight shot a blunt point arrow at his future dinner. Missing the grouse, the arrow clanged off the rock. Huge antlers erupted 20 yards away as two bucks sprang to their feet and vacated the area.” Dwight had given up too soon. The largest mule deer he had ever seen was only 20 yards from his position. Like Dwight many of us give up too soon on those important “hunts” of life.

God gives endurance (Romans 15:5). He enables us to persevere. Cry out to Him to give you the strength to endure and persevere.

Scripture Reading: Romans 15:1-6; James 1:12; 5:10-11

Personal Application: When are you most likely to give up?  What do you glean from the Scripture readings above that can help you persevere under trials?


  Wendell Morton and  Jim Grassi, D. Min.

We cherish any verse in Scripture that reminds us to keep focused and intentional about evangelism and discipleship. “But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.” 2 Timothy 4:5