MMC Endorsements & Testimonials

We’re thankful to minister with some fantastic, very talented people. We count it a privilege to work with them in multiple facets and count it a blessing when they want to give us a “thumbs up” for the work we’re doing in men’s ministry. Here are a few endorsements from some of our ministry partners:

“I have appreciated the unique methods of MMC. I endorse this ministry. It fills a need the church and home have had for years.” – Dr. Chuck Swindoll

“This is a great ministry. I’ve experienced firsthand how Men’s Ministry Catalyst is reaching men and helping them to come to faith in Christ and then grow in their faith, hope and love!” – Dr. Gene Getz, President, Center for Church Renewal

“Building a men’s ministry program is like building a house. It’s easy to mess up if you don’t know what you’re doing. You need expert assistance – the kind that Men’s Ministry Catalyst provides. They’ve helped more than 2500 churches start and maintain effective men’s ministry programs. They’re a professional organization with the staff and resources to help your men connect with God. If more churches were using Men’s Ministry Catalyst, we’d see more men in church – and loving it.” – David Murrow, Director, Church for Men, Author of “Why Men Hate Going to Church”

“For almost three decades MMC has been tapping into the natural passion men have for the outdoors. Tying together timeless biblical truths with man’s innate desire to be connected, MMC has been reaching men that the church has missed for years. Their new models and resources are helping to lead the way for developing vibrant men’s ministries. I wholeheartedly recommend and commend the ministry of Jim Grassi.” – Rick Kingham, Former President, National Coalition of Ministries to Men

“Reaching men is tough! I know of no church anywhere that has a measured history of success with men that did not have access to expertise and experience. MMC provides the churches of the Western United States both expertise and experience as well as world-class resources. Their focus is equipping the local church to reach and build men. Give them a call.” – Brian Doyle, President, Iron Sharpens Iron

“This ministry is about helping churches find ways to reach out to their community in appropriate and relevant ways.” – Jim Putman, Pastor, Real Life Ministries, Post Falls, ID