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Mens Ministry Certificate Program

Men’s Ministry Certificate Program

More than ever, churches need men to be actively involved, but too many church leaders don’t know how to make that happen.

This new course of study lays out, in practical terms, how to build a strong ministry to men. It will equip you to make a difference!

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Men’s Ministry Catalyst and Columbia Evangelical Seminary

…are pleased to announce the creation of a new course of online study for those who are interested in developing vibrant and effective programs for ministry to men.

This exciting development creates an opportunity for everyone who wants to improve their ministry and leadership skills through an online educational format. It represents the combined work of a recognized leader in ministry to men and an outstanding educational institution.

This Men’s Ministry Certificate program has two tracks: one for people who have completed transferable Bible school classes, and one for those who have not been involved in formal Bible classes. The track for those who do not have previous classes adds Theology I and Theology II classes to the course list, but does not increase the total number of semester hours needed.

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Certificate Requirements

There are four classes required for the certificate, plus a thousand-word paper. The classes include:

  • Ministry to Men
  • Practical Ministry
  • Relational Counseling
  • Spiritual Mentoring

The textbooks for these classes have been selected with the goal of providing the best instruction available while ensuring a biblical foundation and clear, practical applications for day-to-day ministry.

Training Designed to Achieve Results

Earning a Men’s Ministry Certificate means you will be ready to:

  • Create an effective team of leaders
  • Conduct outreach events of interest to men outside the church
  • Provide more discipleship experiences beyond a monthly breakfast and Bible study
  • Help men deal with uniquely male struggles
  • See men become disciple-makers instead of spectators

A Dynamic Partnership

In 2016, Men’s Ministry Catalyst founder, Dr. James Grassi, approached Columbia Evangelical Seminary’s president, Dr. Eric Odell-Hein, about working together to produce educational training for ministry to men. They agreed on the growing need for such training, and embarked on the development of a Men’s Ministry Certificate.

Men’s Ministry Catalyst (MMC) was founded in 1981 with its initial name of Let’s Go Fishing Ministries. As it became increasingly evident to Founder and President Jim Grassi that church attendance among men was constantly decreasing, he initiated a restructuring of the ministry into Men’s Ministry Catalyst in 2009.

Discipleship has always been fundamental for MMC. Over the years, MMC has refined both an understanding and practice of discipling men to be shaped and molded to be like Christ. That expertise is MMC’s contribution to this ministry partnership.

Columbia Evangelical Seminary (CES) was founded in 1991 as Faraston Theological Seminary. In 1998, the Board of Regents changed the name to Columbia Evangelical Seminary.

CES is a non-denominational, conservative, evangelical school. While CES is not accredited, it is “true to its mission statement and offers its students both an education and a credential of which they can be justly proud.” (Bear’s Guide to Earning College Degrees Nontraditionally). Other endorsements can be seen on their website:

CES offers research-based programs, which a student can complete from his current location without the need to spend time on a local campus. Reading, studying, and tests lead to submission of a one-thousand-word paper to Dr. James Grassi of Men’s Ministry Catalyst for evaluation and comment.

For more detailed information on the Men’s Ministry Certificate, click here, or to enroll, visit the seminary Admissions page.