Let’s Go Fishing Productions

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A Typical Special Kids Day Event:
This special day includes fishing a stocked trout area of the lake reserved for the kids, boat rides, face painting, lawn games, viewing a host of displays, nature study, and a nice BBQ hotdog lunch. Awards and prizes were given to the top five winners in each category. The cleaned fish go back to the schools in portable ice chests. While these events target children with disabilities we have also worked with several adult organizations and our military.

For additional information on current and planned events, visit: LetsGoFishing.org


Volunteer Coordinator: Henry Jeung (henry_jeung@keysight.com)

Goal and Mission Statement
Let’s Go Fishing Productions is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides special kids day programs for the disabled, sports show events, conservation activities, and a host of outdoor adventure clinics that enrich people’s lives. We desire to encourage, educate, equip, and empower people to better appreciate and understand the God’s great outdoors. LGFP also supports other non-profit organizations by providing opportunities for service organizations to assist with LGFP events. We service the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Northern Idaho. LGFP also provides video production and travel consulting services.

In 1976 shortly after leaving the East Bay Regional Park District, Jim Grassi received a phone call from Dr. Clinton Lee, a prominent Oakland Dentist. Dr. and Mrs. Lee had a disabled child and a real heart to bless those children who have disabilities. Dr. Lee and Jim had a mutual interest in the development of the fisheries program for the East Bay lakes and often discussed various ideas about how to enhance the quality of the regional fishery.

Dr. Lee asked Jim to attend a fundraising event to establish a trust to build fishing piers in the Park District for people with disabilities and to establish special fishing programs that would allow youngsters the opportunity to experience the sport of Angling.

This request led to an event that would become known as the Special Kids Day Program for the Disabled. In 1983 the first event was held at Lake Chabot in Castro Valley, CA. The day started with a meal and orientation session for the volunteers. As the special kids and guests for the day arrived they were greeted by Rotarians, off-duty police and firefighters, some local fisherman, and a host of LGFP volunteers. The kids received hats, ribbons, and a joyous greeting from their fishing buddy for the day.

Some thirty-five years and almost 200 events later, LGFP continues to provide a host of programs for kids and adults with disabilities. To date, LGFP has served over 50,000 kids with disabilities and thousands of disabled adults. LGFP has also delivered several programs specially prepared for our disabled military veterans.

Several community service organizations now assist with these programs including Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Native Sons, Redwood Christian Schools, and some local high schools.

For additional information, visit: letsgofishing.org