January 2023 - eNewsletter - Special Mexico Update

Henry Blackaby in his legendary work Experiencing God said, “God reveals His will and invites you to join Him where He is at work.” In addition to a powerful ministry to men, pastors, and churches in the United States, God has allowed us to assist in revival activities in Canada, and Africa. Today, there is a major movement of God in Mexico and Central America where our messages, resources, and assistance can impact thousands of believers and unbelievers.Pastor Romero is an International evangelist with a passion for the lost. He leads 135 churches in Mexico and twelve Central American countries, with a vision of one thousand churches. A revival has started and as a result, many are leaving the Catholic Church to become involved with the evangelical Christian life. Unsaved people without hope are looking for the hope we find in God’s Word. However, in these countries, there are only a few trained disciples who are making disciples. Other than the Bible in Spanish, there are limited evangelical, disciple-making resources of any kind.

Men’s Ministry Catalyst has already printed into Spanish our newest book, The Great Shepherd. Additionally, we are going to take chapters from some of our most impactful books, such as The Spiritual Mentor, and reprint the material they wish into an inexpensive Spanish booklet that can be used by pastors in Mexico and Central America to train and encourage their people. Think about this friends, Men’s Ministry Catalyst will help provide a major platform to assist the revival movement Pastor Romero has fueled through his Evangelical Training Center in Tecate, Mexico.

Men’s Ministry Catalyst is so committed to this movement that Jim and Louise Grassi will be strategically located in Yuma, Arizona throughout the winter. They will be able to be involved in Yuma and also across the border as this movement expands.

The focus of MMC has not changed. Our primary mission is to guide pastors and leaders of men in the United States. However, given the movement of God and our invitation into this revival, we believe it is of God to support this journey in Mexico and beyond.

Thank you for your consideration of the opportunities listed on the attached flyer. We would love to have you, your church, and your pastor join us in any of the opportunities listed. For more information contact: wendell@mensminsitrycatalyst.org. Or call Wendell at 303.882.5162. Jim and Louise will still be available and able to assist with our work in this country and for anyone wishing for their involvement personally.

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