How We Partner With You

“People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan”

“Plans fail for lack of counsel…” Prov. 15:22 NIV

We utilize a tried and proven seven-step development process to guide you through the steps of how to maintain, launch, or re-launch your men’s ministry. Our core methodology is based on MMC’s Seven Steps to Building a Vibrant Ministry to Men. This approach eliminates many of the common failure and frustration points associated with mobilizing men. We partner with your pastors and men’s leaders to meet the objective of praying, planning, executing, and deploying a vibrant ministry to men so they can develop and grow in their relationship with Christ.

A detailed assessment is crucial before launching or relaunching your ministry to men.

Based on your answers to our easy to use online assessment survey we will help you identify where you are in the men’s ministry development process. Utilizing the survey results and personal coaching we will partner with you to develop a strategic plan that is customized to your specific needs. “Prescription before diagnoses is malpractice.”

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