Holiday Donations

Each gift to this ministry is significant because it helps to maintain our current efforts and to launch new opportunities to reach men and change the world for Jesus. Thank you for joining in this work.


Here are the gifts you will receive, according to the donation amount.


Receive “Beside Still Waters” and “Overcoming Barriers Men Face” with a book light

$20/month for three months
or one-time gift of $60 or more


Receive the Year End Gift plus the book, “Act Like Men–Be Strong” by Jim Grassi

$50/month for six months
or one-time gift of $250 or more


Receive the Year End Gift, Bonus Gift plus the simulated leather edition of “Beside Still Waters”

$83/month for twelve months
or one-time gift of $1000 or more

$20/month for three (3) months
$50/month for six (6) months
$83/month for twelve (12) months
2. One-time donations can be processed on-line by using a debit or credit card.
One-time Gift – You Enter the Amount
3. If you prefer, one-time and monthly pledges can also be processed by check, or debit or credit card by completing our form and mailing it to MMC.

Click below for info on donating by mail.