Monthly Newsletter – October 2021

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In August I shared that I had been blessed with the opportunity to become the Executive Directory of Men’s Ministry Catalyst (MMC). When I accepted this opportunity, I knew that lives have been and are being radically transformed by God thru this ministry. In September MMC celebrated its 40th year of ministry. This celebration really opened my eyes as to how God is working through MMC, which created an even deeper sense of urgency to grow this ministry.

It was so encouraging at these 40th Celebrations, to hear people share, who have for decades supported and volunteered with MMC. But, hearing the testimonies of people’s lives who have been radically transformed by God grace and love thru MMC was the icing on the cake.

The number of lives touched by the different MMC programs over the past 40 years really brings into focus the importance of this ministry.

  • 15,000 men and children – Father/Child Fishermen’s Conferences – 136 events
  • 30,400 – physically and mentally challenged children in 152 Special Kids Day Events
  • 1,600 people – 5 Family camps
  • 2,550 men – 34 Men’s retreats
  • 864 visitors – church on the water events
  • 625 pastors – 7 Pastors trainings
  • 1,250 men in prison – 6 visits with chapel
  • And the list goes on.

Also keep in mind that Dr. Grassi has authored 17 books that are a resource available to help pastors, men, and local churches. Our website is full of Free Resources that can help local churches and men become Godly Disciples. A weekly devotional is distributed that has been going for years to help men stay consistent in their walk with God…again, the list goes on.

If you are in the Denver Metro area, we would love to have you join us to meet the founder of MMC ministry, Dr. Jim Grassi, and hear firsthand how we believe God would have us grow this ministry. You are invited to attend a 40th Anniversary celebration and launching of MMC ministry in Colorado.

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God at Work:

As I shared before we need an additional $150,000 to cover the strategic initiatives we are planning and my salary. Individuals have stepped up who are willing to match portions of this amount. Thanks to prayers and an individual who is willing to be obedient to what God put on their heart we just had an amazing donor step up who will match up to $75,000. That is a HUGE Thank GOD!!

We also have an exciting End of Year offer for everyone who can help support the ministry. As a thank you for your End of Year gift, we want to provide resources that will be a blessing to you and that you can share with others.  Please pray and carefully consider what God would have you do to support MMC.

Several of MMC Top Initiatives for 2022 are listed below. It will be exciting to see how many more lives can be touched with the love of Christ. Please consider being a part of moving MMC forward.  If Jim or I can do anything to support you or your family in your journey – please do not hesitate to reach out.  You matter to God – you matter to us.

Check Out End of Year Giving Options and Gifts We’d Like to Send You!

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Denver Dinner Invite

You’re Invited!

We’d love to see you at our upcoming 40th Anniversary Celebration for Men’s Ministry Catalyst and Colorado Kick-Off in Thornton, Colorado!

Saturday, November 13, 2021

5:00pm – 7:30pm

Dinner Provided

Come early and Meet the Founders of this great ministry, Dr. Jim and Louise Grassi.

Legacy Christian Fellowship
9200 Hoffman Way
Thornton, CO

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2022 – Top Initiatives

  1. Create the ability for our people to become more interactive with us, primarily using a variety of forms of social media
  2. Impact a minimum of 20 Churches in the Six Step Engagement Process
  3. Empower a Minimum of 5 Denominational Groups to Impact their Men using MMC materials and resources
  4. Catalyze men primarily thru large gatherings and then empower their local churches to mentor and disciple them to touch others also
  5. Continue to develop materials to meet the needs of our MMC family
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