Monthly Newsletter – August 2021

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Wendell and Deb Morton

What a thrill to be able to tell you about the door God has opened for me in these past few months. I am so humbled, undeserving, and excited to be able to share this message with you AND to seek your partnership with me. While staring at a God-sized opportunity, it is beyond the scope of what I can accomplish on my own. As a result, I am inviting you to join me with an investment for the hearts of the individuals I am about to share with you if you believe in this message as strongly as I do. God has opened a door for me to become the Executive Director of Men’s Ministry Catalyst. This ministry was founded in 1981 by Dr. Jim Grassi. His heart for men and the Church was transformed into a unique ministry, touching men in multiple areas. As a best-selling author and international speaker, he used his background as a Hall of Fame Fisherman and highly acclaimed archer to connect with men who would not otherwise go to a church. He has worked in the capacity of a chaplain to the NFL and first responders and a business consultant to many major corporations. At age 77, he is still investing his life into men. Jim’s life calling has been to present a strong call for men to return to an authentic, Biblical manhood specifically through discipleship with Jesus Christ. It is a call for men to engage as the spiritual leaders of their homes, in their churches, in their workplaces, and in their communities. The Biblical model is the same model by which Jesus led, which is servant leadership, while still being the Godly men we were called to be. MMC proposes that the best way to do this is to collaborate directly with pastors and church leaders. This allows Pastors to have the same kind of support that Moses had with Aaron and Hur (Exodus 17:12). Men come along side of Pastors as fully engaged leadership in the local church. As men lead and learn to become mentors, the church will grow under the multiplication effect of “each one brings one”.

Why Men – Why Now?

The culture has changed so much. It is deteriorating quickly and drastically. Sodom and Gomora are not just a nasty Biblical story any longer. We cannot stand by and do nothing while our culture continues this rapid decline. Since the 1960s our political, social, and educational systems have been under attack and moving away from the Judeo/Christian values most of us have acknowledged as foundational to being blessed of God. Men are under attack. For years men’s roles have been belittled on TV in the sitcoms, redefined by the progressives, and attacked by the radical left. Now men are confused about their role in the family — if they are even in the family and if the family includes their own biological children. We have yet to mention our influence in the workplace or the community. It can be really confusing. The Bible is clear, however. There is hope and there are ways for strong Christian men to be involved in the lives of their family, regardless of the situation, and involved in the leadership of the church. If the father is absent in the family, then the church must step in and help make the difference in someone’s life! As I move forward in the lead role of this much-needed ministry, I am asking you to consider doing two things:

  1. Will you consider becoming a financial partner with Deb and me as I step into the lead of Men’s Ministry Catalyst? You have no doubt been involved with Non-Profits at some point in your journey. There is always the balance of being freed up to work on the mission of the organization or having to focus on raising money to keep the ministry alive. I am praying for people like you to help support this mission so we can be free to spend time working with Pastors and churches of any size who are asking for help. By focusing on the churches, we can reach a lot more men than if we go to the men directly. More importantly, it helps the men grow in the context of existing relationships where real change can occur.
  2. If you are a praying person, please pray for our Founder, Dr. Jim Grassi, and his wife Louise as we walk through this transition. It is not a small task to transition a 40-year-old organization that you founded. Dr. Jim and Louise have been incredibly open, transparent, and willing to do whatever it takes for the continuity of MMC to outlive them for generations to come. Let us pray for their legacy to continue.

Please take time to peruse the website so you become more familiar with MMC. Bless you as you consider joining this vitally important team at this very opportune time. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

Humbly Yours,
Wendell A. Morton
Executive Director

P.S. We have been offered an opportunity that if we can raise $75,000 by December 31, 2021, the funds will be matched by those who have already committed, taking us to $75,000. That number makes room for the support we need for social media, material development, and part-time staffing in addition to my own salary and expenses. We would appreciate our faith partners to consider either monthly donations, pledges, or even one-time gifts.

Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account. — Philippians 4:17

As I lead a Re-Launch of MMC, there are three things we are focused on for the rest of 2021:

  1. Establish a consistent presence for MMC on social media with various tools to better connect with our constituency, including our younger generation: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, Twitter, and others.
  2. Continue providing six Special Kids Day Events for the disabled.
  3. Establish a solid foundation of pastors and denominational leaders that will carry us into 2022.

PPS: Jim has written a special, imitation leather bound 365 Day Daily Devotional, called Beside Still Waters, that he will ship to anyone that gives a minimum of $100 (in any form — even a pledge) to these matching funds that have been made available.

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