Effectiveness requires intentionally using the time and resources necessary to develop and maintain a dynamic ministry to men. A group of guys meeting at a local diner once a week for Bible study does not constitute a vibrant men’s ministry. Sponsoring a monthly pancake breakfast is also not the most effective way to disciple men.

Dynamic men’s ministry is defined as an intentional effort of a church when it inspires men to implement disciple-making strategies so they may fully participate within and outside the church body. One important role of an effective men’s minis­ try is equipping and encouraging men to be energized men of faith, effective community leaders, good husbands, and com­ mitted fathers. It is about reaching out to the un-churched with grace-filled hearts. Dynamic ministry to men includes engaging and challenging men to become active and supportive of one another.

When men become participants instead of spectators in their faith, they experience a spiritual vitality that reproduces itself in the lives of others. Discipleship becomes the end goal of relationships and spirituality. A joy-filled life becomes a primary by-product. Impossible, you say? Not at all! Our ministry regularly sees dynamic examples that we are reaching the majority of men within their churches. But this doesn’t happen because a few good men wish it into existence. It happens when intentional leaders develop a specific strategy and action plan, and pray about engaging the men they directly influence.

Taken from Building a Ministry of Spiritual Mentors, by Jim Grassi