Church Consulting

  • Dr. Grassi has worked with both Protestant and Catholic churches helping them create dynamic church growth models and vibrant men’s ministry programs. His experience in serving as a consultant to numerous churches and senior pastors provides him with insights into the challenges most churches face. He utilizes the unique church growth tools created by his Men’s Ministry Catalyst team to guide struggling church’s in innovative ways to encourage, equip, and empower its members to better understand God’s purpose and plan for reaching their community.
  • Dr. Grassi meets with the pastor, members of your board, and provides a church assessment tool to help the pastor more effectively utilize the spiritual gifts and talents of his congregation. After assessing the congregation Dr. Grassi will provide suggestions on how the leadership of the church can better serve and equip the body for dynamic self-growth and evangelism.
  • Dr. Grassi will help focus the body on what it means to be an effective disciple (spiritual mentor) and how to utilize their personal gifts to impact a community for the cause of Christ.

“Dr. Jim Grassi has made outstanding contribution that will assist churches with biblical thinking, practical tools, and innovative resources that empower men while challenging them to become disciple-making mentors.”
− Senior Pastor Jim Putman,
Real Life Ministries/Discipleshift