Best Practices

  1. Develop a LIFESTYLE OF PRAYER. Create a core group of spiritually mature people to regularly pray for the ministry and its impact on others.
  2. Assist men in knowing that ultimately it’s about RELATIONSHIP. Our primary goal in life should be to know Him and make Him known. A successful ministry to men is one that helps men understand the importance of practically implementing this goal.
  3. Develop an environment that CULTIVATES TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY. Through carefully planned programs and studies men can learn to trust one another and respond to others in love.
  4. Develop godly alignment with pastor’s VISION FOR DISCIPLESHIP. A pastor needs to delegate and become a coach and encourager of the men in his congregation.
  5. Obtain dynamic and effective LAY LEADERSHIP. Find men with an unbridled love of God who have a passionate zeal to encourage other men.
  6. Have CLEAR and MEASURABLE GOALS. We need obtainable goals and projects that promote unity and spiritual growth. Regularly re-visit your progress.
  7. Incorporate SPORTS & OUTDOOR MINISTRIES as the primary platforms for involvement. The fastest growing program areas in most evangelical churches are these two ministries. Effectively utilize the talents of your men and tap into their interests.
  8. Take advantage of PROVEN PROGRAMS and WORKING MODELS. Providing practical programs that inspire men to relationship is key to developing a successful ministry.
  9. Provide a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL ministry. Look to include numerous programs that empower men to be able to learn, serve, and grow.
  10. Intentionally involve men in SERVING OTHERS.