Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations. – Matt. 28:19

Someone has said, “I would rather fail in a cause that will ultimately succeed than succeed in a cause that will ultimately fail.”  Our ministry sees the battle for men’s souls as just such a cause.  We are excited and honored to play a part in helping men find Christ.

The evolution of men’s ministries is like the development of youth ministries over the past 40 years.  The main difference is that we can’t wait for four decades to develop effective men’s ministry strategies.  If Christian males don’t take more leadership and a proactive role in developing Christian character within our families, churches, and communities around this nation we will lose an entire generation of young people.

Comparatively speaking, the advent of dynamic youth programs within the church was something that could be quickly assimilated. For the most part they were easy to construct and manage. Unfortunately, in most churches we find a lack of financial resources and intellectual experience to properly plan, develop, promote, and evaluate discipleship programs specially directed towards men.  Discipling men (mentoring, coaching, accountability, teaching, training, and encouraging) is an under-managed area that can offer a greater return on labor and capital than any other ministry.

My friend and colleague Dr. Patrick Morley expressed it this way, “We need to disciple men, because the church desperately needs what discipled men have to offer.  Men who love and follow Jesus become leaders.  They typically don’t divorce their wives, they don’t neglect their children; they donate more money; they volunteer for more service; and they make a bigger kingdom impact in the community.”

When Jesus challenged His twelve disciples with the words “follow me”, He directed them to relationship. Christ desired them to have a relationship with God and then their families and communities.  When you consider that only one in eighteen men are involved in discipleship, and that 66 million of the 108 million American men over the age of 15 make no profession of faith in Jesus Christ, it’s not hard to agree with the fact that if we reach our men we will change a nation.

The call from our Lord to become “fishers of men” rings just as true today as it did in the First Century Church.  What’s keeping us from implementing that call?  How can we become more effective “fishers of men, women, boys, and girls”?

Stuart Briscoe and others has often said, “God is more interested in your availability than your ability.” God asks us to be willing, obedient, and available to follow His plan and purpose for our lives.  Sounds simple, but it takes most of us an entire lifetime to figure it out.  For almost four decades Men’s Ministry Catalyst has encouraged churches, men, and families to know God and make Him known.  Please continue to pray for our work.  To date we have assisted over 3,500 churches and have impacted thousands of lives with God’s plan for mankind.  To God be all the glory!  Thank you, Jesus and all of you who pray for, support, and encourage this work.

Personal Application:

  1. Who are the men in your church who take the call of discipleship seriously? How can you encourage them to keep on keepin’ on?
  2. What is your church doing in a pro-active way to create a vibrant ministry to men within the church and outside the walls of the church?
  3. How can Men’s Ministry Catalyst help your church to become a beacon of light to other men in your community? Why not have your pastor contact us as soon as possible?

Jim Grassi, D. Min.