Applause, everyone. Bravo, bravissimo! Shout God-songs at the top of your lungs! God Most High is stunning, astride land and ocean. He crushes hostile people, puts nations at our feet. He set us at the head of the line, prize-winning Jacob, his favorite. Loud cheers as God climbs the mountain, a ram’s horn blast at the summit. Sing songs to God, sing out! Sing to our King, sing praise! He’s Lord over earth, so sing your best songs to God. God is Lord of godless nations — sovereign, he’s King of the mountain. Princes from all over are gathered, people of Abraham’s God. The powers of earth are God’s — he soars over all.

Psalm 47 (The Message)

Today, the liberal media and many false prophets want us to believe that it doesn’t really matter what we believe. The New Agers would have us think that a crystal hanging from our rearview mirror will somehow empower us.

Some people claim Christians are too narrow. They will tell us things like, “Don’t all roads and beliefs lead to God.” God’s Word makes it clear that “the great King of all the earth” is the one true God. From the book of Isaiah come these words, “I am the Lord; there is no other God. I have equipped you for battle, though you don’t even know me, so all world from east to west will know there is no other God. I am the lord, and there is no other.” (Isaiah 45:5–6)

He is the one true God and He is sovereign over all things, including the nations. While other religions may have their gods, idols, prophets, and saints, no other religion has one who died to save his followers and then rose again from the dead. Yes, my friends, Christ has risen, He has risen indeed!

Don’t let anyone try and convince you otherwise. There is only one God, and Jesus is the only way to Him. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

Easter is about recognizing that Jesus paid the price for each of us. His life was given for our sins. It was the grace of God that allowed Jesus to suffer on Calvary’s Cross. Grace is un-merited and undeserved favor. We serve a loving God who gave us that favor.

Let us celebrate Easter with a renewed faith and gratitude for what Christ did for each of us. Happy Easter.

Love you!
Jim Grassi

Jim Grassi image and signature  Jim Grassi, D. Min.