What We Do

Our Focus:

To Know God and Make Him Known. Fundamental to all we do is our emphasis on evangelism (outreach) and building lasting relationships through a discipleship process. Our mission is to provide pastors and lay-leaders with the counsel, services, and resources they need to successfully reach men for Christ and to eliminate the failure and frustration that often comes with trying to develop an effective ministry to men. Since 1981 we have counted it a privilege to partner with pastors, churches, men’s organizations, and denominations to assist them in the development and implementation of a biblically-based, vibrant, and engaging ministry to men.

We do this by:

  • Developing life changing curriculum, videos and program models that help churches equip, connect, and engage men in issues of faith
  • Assisting men to better connect with their families, work places and communities
  • Providing innovative resources and training for spiritual growth and outreach
  • Creating platforms like business communities, the outdoors, and team sports to reach uninvolved men
  • Developing practical solutions to help bring men into the church and have them become dynamic resources to support the pastors

MMC offers a robust suite of services and resources that direct men to an innovative way of thinking about their faith on relevant topics such as:

  • Lifestyle Evangelism – Living a transparent and relational life
  • Mentoring – Defining what it means to lead by example
  • Discipleship – Empowering men and preparing them to lead
  • Transitions – How to inspire and motivate men to make the sacrifices required to live a Christ-like life
  • Intergenerational Issues – How to develop authentic disciples that influence younger generations
  • Managing Stress – Balancing life’s priorities and living by God’s plan

How Does Your Men’s Ministry Stack Up?

“In order to get to where you want to go, you first have to know where you are.”

Take a couple minutes to answer the Five Essential Men’s Ministry Questions and complete our assessment survey.

Why Minister to Men?

Men are Mission Critical for the Growth of the Church and our Nation

Statistics tell the tale:

69,000,000 men make no profession of faith in Christ in the U.S.

Fewer than 10% of churches sustain a viable and vibrant ministry to men

Fatherless children are five times as likely to live in poverty, crime, and have emotional issues

50-60% of men struggle with pornography

For every TEN men in the average church…

NINE will have kids who leave the church

EIGHT will not find their jobs satisfying

FIVE have a major problem with pornography

FOUR will get a divorce—affecting one million children each year

ONLY ONE will have a biblical worldview

ALL TEN will struggle to balance family and work


When a teen comes to faith 9% of the time the family will come along


When a mom comes to faith 13% of the time the family will come along


When a DAD comes to faith 93% of the time the family will come along

MMC Resources


  • Toolbox – Web-based Resource Library of Best Practices based on 36 years of Men’s Ministry experience
    • How to eliminate common failure points
    • How to develop a God-given vision and mission for your ministry
    • How to ensure discipleship and spiritual mentoring are at the core
    • How to build a team of mature and transparent leaders
    • Much more!
  • Men’s Ministry Assessment SurveyGain a better understanding of the current status of your Men’s Ministry.
  • Web-Based Men’s Survey Tool – This comprehensive and customizable survey is tailored specifically to the men of your church.
  • Men’s Ministry Quick Start Guide – Subjects include: Eliminating Common Failure Points; Developing a God-Given Vision and Mission for Your Ministry; Discipleship/Spiritual Mentoring needs to be at the Core; Building a Team of Mature and Transparent leaders
  • Weekly Devotionals – Access to a library of inspiring devotionals that will motivate your men
  • Bible Ready Reference Guide – Containing helpful bible verses for living a transformed life
  • Monthly Newsletters – To help develop your leaders
  • Books – Offering guidance and inspiration
  • Messages – On timely topics
  • Blog – Offering new ideas and inspiration

MMC Services


  • How We Partner With You – Effective ministry to men is more than a program, Bible study, or monthly breakfast. It must include a comprehensive strategic plan and practically based solutions for implementing lasting relationships through a discipleship process. It needs to be a ministry that connects with each man in your church and those unsaved men in your community.
  • Men’s Ministry Development Process – MMC’s Six Step Development Process implemented over a 12-month period will produce church growth and men who embrace discipleship.
  • Leadership Workshops – Learn how to eliminate 70-80% of the common failure points associated with ministry to men, while bringing spiritual transformation to your church.
  • Church Consulting – Helping churches to realize dynamic growth
  • Customized Disciple-Makers ResourcesResources that help your men become disciple-makers
  • Men’s Conferences, Retreats, and Seminars

If you have questions about any of our services or would like for us to custom tailor a service package specifically for your ministry or organization, please email us or fill out the short form below.

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