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Chuck Swindoll doesn’t mince words. It’s one of the great hallmarks of how he preaches. His unwavering dedication to practical communication to fellow believers and non-believers is extremely evident in a short article he wrote in his own blog at Insight for Living in August of 2011. The article is entitled, “Stay Sensible” and it’s something that everyone should read. Sensibility is one of those characteristics that we should review on a daily basis. So, the question is – when’s the last time you, as the pastor or lay leader of your church’s ministry to men, did a common sense test of what’s going on within your own life, your church and your ministry?

We encourage you to read Swindoll’s short article and the article he references and links to as well. Both are insightful and thought provoking. Hopefully the end result will be the same for you as it was with us. Hopefully you’ll get that tingling sensation again!